Gaia – Vabbi

  • Character: Gaia of Vabbi
  • Submitted by: Kurzick Necromancer
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      Slot Item Name Dyes Used
      Head Wreath of Cooperation Wheat, Spite,
      Shoulders Cabalist Shoulders White Gold, Burgundy
      Chest Phoenix Vest Gold Fusion, Cinnamon, Gold, Spite
      Hands Winged Gloves Wrath, Spite, Gold Fusion
      Legs Council Ministry Hose Wrath, Gold Fusion, Spite
      Feet Vigil's Honor Footwear Wrath, Spite, White Gold
      Back Shadow of Grenth
      Weapon Belinda's Greatsword
      Off Hand N/A

      Where to Obtain:

      • Head – Trading Post (Gems)
      • Shoulders – Trading Post
      • Chest – Trading Post (Gems)
      • Hands – Trading Post
      • Legs – Dungeon Merchant
      • Feet – Vigil Keep Armor Vendor
      • Back – Trading Post (Recipe)
      • Weapon – Trading Post (Gems)
      • Off Hand – N/A