Ayarati – Whiteside Ridge

    • Character: Ayarati of Whiteside Ridge
    • Submitted by: Petra Toth

I wanted to give some “deathknight” look to her, but with guardian elements.


SlotItem NameDyes Used
HeadAviator SunglassesSilver Lead
ShouldersCarapace Pauldronsmidnight ice, silver lead, seafoam
ChestCarapace Breastplatemidnight ice, silver lead, seafoam
HandsCarapace Gauntletsmidnight ice, silver lead
LegsIllustrious Tassetsmidnight ice, silver lead
FeetIllustrious Greavesmidnight ice, silver lead
WeaponTwilight, Entropy
Off Hand

Where to Obtain:

  • Head – gem store
  • Shoulders – Silverwastes
  • Chest – Silverwastes
  • Hands – Silverwastes
  • Legs – Ascended armorcraft
  • Feet – Ascended armorcraft
  • Back –
  • Weapon – Mystic forge or TP
  • Off Hand –