Binny Babbit


Character – Binny Babbit – Warrior

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Slot Item Name Dyes Used
Head Norn cultural T2 helm
Shoulders None (they are visible in the pictures but they should be hidden)
Chest Whispers chestpiece
Hands Norn cultural T2 gauntlets (optional, can be hidden)
Legs Dark leggings
Feet Norn cultural T2 boots
Back None
Weapon None
Off Hand None

Where to Obtain:

Head –

Shoulders –

Chest – Whispers base in Bloodtide Coast

Hands –

Legs – Orr karma vendors

Feet –

Back –

Weapon –

Off Hand –


The Flash… ietta? Anyway, it’s the DC Comics superhero as a female. Both his trademark red outfit and his blue outfit (as part of the Blue Lantern Corps) are depicted.