Blossom Seeker


Character – Blossom Seeker – Mesmer

Submitted by – Michael Michaels




Slot Item Name Dyes Used
Head None
Shoulders Carapase Mantle Grape – Grape Shade – Heliotrope
Chest Carapase Vestments Grape – Grape Shade – Heliotrope
Hands Carapase Gloves Grape – Grape Shade – Heliotrope
Legs Carapase Pants Grape – Grape Shade – Heliotrope
Feet Sorserer’s Shoes Grape – Grape Shade – Heliotrope
Back Mawdrey
Weapon Vision of the Mist
Off Hand Lord Taeres’s Shadow – The Anomaly

Where to Obtain:

Head –

Shoulders – THe Silverwastes

Chest – THe Silverwastes

Hands – THe Silverwastes

Legs – THe Silverwastes

Feet – Tier 3 – Human Cultural Light Armor (Divinity’s Reach)

Back – Personal Story

Weapon – Crafted in Mistic Forge

Off Hand – Dropped – Crafted in Mistic Forge

Just altered the boots of the set and made a good dye set to match my weapons and that is the result 🙂
Feel free to coppy
I name it “Butterfly’s lullaby”