Charr Elementalist: Zeera Cinderhide


Character – Charr Elementalist: Zeera Cinderhide – Elementist

Submitted by – Lenitas




Slot Item Name Dyes Used
Chest Cabalist Coat Chalkboard, Autumn, Blue Ice
Legs Cabalist Legs Chalkboard, Blue Ice
Feet Invoker’s Boots Blue Ice
Weapon Dredge Pillar (staff)
Off Hand

Where to Obtain:

Head –

Shoulders –

Chest – TP/loot

Hands –

Legs – TP/loot

Feet – Cultural T2

Back –

Weapon – TP

Off Hand –

Finding light armor for your magically-inclined charr can be a challenge. For my elementalist, I settled on Cabalist armor.


– easily obtainable, no gemstore or costly skins. (I use Invokers’ boots but only because I had them already anyway, but many charr shoes would fit with this set.)


– tail clips through the bottom, although I have to say that due to the shape of the coat/skirt it doesn’t look nearly as bad as some other armors’ tail clipping. I can live with it.

When wearing this armor, I rarely display a helmet. (When I do, it’s the Guild Archmage Cowl.)

I don’t display the shoulders or gloves (which would be barely visible anyway because of the awesome sleeves).

I have not found a weapon set that Zeera would like the look of, but the Dredge Pillar is not bad – it doesn’t really have any relation to the outfit, but at least it is nicely understated.