Charr Elementalist: Zeera Cinderhide


Character – Charr Elementalist: Zeera Cinderhide – Elementist

Submitted by – Lenitas




SlotItem NameDyes Used
ChestCabalist CoatChalkboard, Autumn, Blue Ice
LegsCabalist LegsChalkboard, Blue Ice
FeetInvoker’s BootsBlue Ice
WeaponDredge Pillar (staff)
Off Hand

Where to Obtain:

Head –

Shoulders –

Chest – TP/loot

Hands –

Legs – TP/loot

Feet – Cultural T2

Back –

Weapon – TP

Off Hand –

Finding light armor for your magically-inclined charr can be a challenge. For my elementalist, I settled on Cabalist armor.


– easily obtainable, no gemstore or costly skins. (I use Invokers’ boots but only because I had them already anyway, but many charr shoes would fit with this set.)


– tail clips through the bottom, although I have to say that due to the shape of the coat/skirt it doesn’t look nearly as bad as some other armors’ tail clipping. I can live with it.

When wearing this armor, I rarely display a helmet. (When I do, it’s the Guild Archmage Cowl.)

I don’t display the shoulders or gloves (which would be barely visible anyway because of the awesome sleeves).

I have not found a weapon set that Zeera would like the look of, but the Dredge Pillar is not bad – it doesn’t really have any relation to the outfit, but at least it is nicely understated.