Character – Croniorian – Thief

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Slot Item Name Dyes Used
Head Heritage bandana
Shoulders Carapace Shoulder
Chest Council Chest
Hands Sneakthief gloves
Legs Carapace Leggings
Feet Strider boots
Weapon Ceramonial Sabre
Off Hand Claw of the Desert

Where to Obtain:

Head –

Shoulders – Silverwaste

Chest –

Hands –

Legs –

Feet –

Back –

Weapon –

Off Hand –

This is my thief that i started as my main from leveling and now has become a part of my role playing withing Tyrias universe as the nightborn sylvari whos Wyld hunt is to fight the Elder Dragons. After Season 2 concluded Croniorian had gone through many cosmetic changes as i change the hair and face a tiny bit each end of a season to make the character age. But it doesnt show in the pictures as these are taken from end of season 2. I look very much forward to have the story unfold for my character as of now, Mordremoth has awoken.