Character – Croniorian – Thief

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SlotItem NameDyes Used
HeadHeritage bandana
ShouldersCarapace Shoulder
ChestCouncil Chest
HandsSneakthief gloves
LegsCarapace Leggings
FeetStrider boots
WeaponCeramonial Sabre
Off HandClaw of the Desert

Where to Obtain:

Head –

Shoulders – Silverwaste

Chest –

Hands –

Legs –

Feet –

Back –

Weapon –

Off Hand –

This is my thief that i started as my main from leveling and now has become a part of my role playing withing Tyrias universe as the nightborn sylvari whos Wyld hunt is to fight the Elder Dragons. After Season 2 concluded Croniorian had gone through many cosmetic changes as i change the hair and face a tiny bit each end of a season to make the character age. But it doesnt show in the pictures as these are taken from end of season 2. I look very much forward to have the story unfold for my character as of now, Mordremoth has awoken.