Character – Crónus – Elementist

Submitted by – Titan Cronus




SlotItem NameDyes Used
HeadVigil’s Honor CircletIllumination, Illumination and Redemption.
ShouldersHeritage MantleCelestial, Celestial and Banana.
ChestIllustrious DoubletCelestial, Celestial and Illumination.
HandsIllustrious WristguardsCelestial, Celestial and Illumination.
LegsAscalonian Performer PantsCelestial, Nectar and Illumination.
FeetSeer BootsCelestial, Lemonade and Tarnished Silver.
BackSun Catcher
WeaponCalcite Antique Spire
Off Hand

Where to Obtain:

Head – Armor Requisitioner Camotli, Vigil HQ: [&BHwAAAA=]

Shoulders – Kimmes the Historian, Hall of Monuments: [&BA4FAAA=]

Chest – Craft: Tailor Required rating 500

Hands – Craft: Tailor Required rating 500

Legs – Historian Symon, Postern Ward: [&BDIEAAA=]

Feet – Black Lion Trading Post

Back – Sonder the Seller, Lion’s Court: [&BCkEAAA=]

Weapon – Craft: Artificer Required rating 500

Off Hand –