Dawn Has Arrived


Character – Dawn Has Arrived – Guardian

Submitted by – Arkadiusz Caelum




Slot Item Name Dyes Used
Shoulders Splint Pauldrons Gold, Antique Gold
Chest Draconic Coat Royal Rose, Gold
Hands Protector’s Gauntlets Gold
Legs Draconic Legs Royal Rose, Gold
Feet Avenger’s Footgear Gold, Antique Gold
Back Sun Catcher
Weapon Honor of Humanity
Off Hand Ceremonial Bulwark

Where to Obtain:

Head –

Shoulders – craft, tp

Chest – craft, tp

Hands – Human T3

Legs – craft, tp

Feet – Human T2

Back – tp

Weapon – drop

Off Hand – drop


Leona from League of Legends. She doesn’t have a headpiece because I couldn’t find anything remotely like her’s. Also included a greatsword screenshot since that looks a little closer to her sword. It’s Kymswarden.