Ebon Vanguard Ritualist – Far Shiverpeaks

    • Character: Ebon Vanguard Ritualist of Far Shiverpeaks
    • Submitted by: Gaia


Slot Item Name Dyes Used
Head Braham’s Warhelm Gold, Gold Fusion, Blue Shade, Stone
Shoulders Braham’s Pauldrons Cocoa, Gold Fusion, Stone
Chest Whisper’s Secret Breastplate Gold, Cocoa, Gold Fusion
Hands Braham’s Gauntlets Blood, Cocoa, Gold Fusion
Legs Braham’s Legplates Gold, Blood, Gold Fusion, Stone
Feet Draconic Boots Cocoa, Wheat
Back Elegant Tailor’s Backpack
Weapon Dwayna’s Sword
Off Hand Dwayna’s Shield

Where to Obtain:

      • Head – Trading Post (Gems)
      • Shoulders – Trading Post (Gems)
      • Chest – Trading Post (Gems)
      • Hands – Trading Post (Gems)
      • Legs – Trading Post (Gems)
      • Feet – Trading Post
      • Back – Tailor Crafting Recipe
      • Weapon – Black Lion Weapons Specialist Vendor
      • Off Hand – Black Lion Weapons Specialist Vendor

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