Elonian Mesmer: Taika Sana


Character – Elonian Mesmer: Taika Sana – Mesmer

Submitted by – Lenitas




Slot Item Name Dyes Used
Head Student Circlet Rawhide
Shoulders (not displayed)
Chest Winged Tunic Dusty Grape, Deep Teal
Hands Exalted Gloves Autumn, Pottery, Deep Teal
Legs Embroidered Pants Dusty Grape, Deep Teal
Feet Embroidered Sandals Brick, Pottery
Weapon Ceremonial Scimitar (greatsword), Hero’s Sword (sword)
Off Hand Hero’s Sword (sword), Eternal Sands (focus)

Where to Obtain:

Head – TP/crafted

Shoulders –

Chest – TP/crafted

Hands – TP/crafted

Legs – TP/crafted

Feet – TP/crafted

Back –

Weapon – TP/loot, WvW reward

Off Hand – WvW reward, TP/MF

When playing a mesmer, I easily start feeling like I am drowning in pink. For my mesmer, I wanted an outfit that doesn’t clash with the pink particle effects, but also has an identity outside of them.

All armor parts are available through tailoring (or cheap on the TP).

For the weapons, I love

– Greatsword: Ceremonial Scimitar
– Double swords: Hero’s Swords (from WvW rewards)
– Sword/Focus: Eternal Sands (costly, of course, but worth it!)

As for the dyes, I change them frequently! With her caramel skin, Taika can wear many bold colors. I have gone through blues and turquoises (as depicted), but also greens, oranges/yellows, and deep reds. It is easy to work gold/silver into the mix if you want to go for a “classy evening look”, especially when combined with dark colors like dark blue, dark red.