Esadur – Gandara

  • Character: Esadur of Gandara
  • Submitted by: Sol
    • Plate Armor has been proven to be the apex of all blacksmithing. Impenetrable, yet flexible and weighing only 25 kg, it ensures victory on the battlefield. Who is inside this suit of armor, remains a mystery. We can only guess that it is a noble character, because armor like this is very expensive. The nobility also manifests itself in the golden crown of the helmet. The crown is also a holy halo, a sign of transcendence and unity with the gods. The noble blood and ferociousness are also reflected in the crimson color af the softer armor parts. The secretive and dark character of the wearer are signified by the closed helmet which shows no emotion, and by the dark shiny armor plates that signify imperviousness.

      Slot Item Name Dyes Used
      Head Illustrious Visor Ebony / Tarnished Steel / Autumn
      Shoulders Banded Pauldrons Ebony / Tarnished Steel / Autumn
      Chest Ascalonian Protector Breastplate Ebony / Tarnished Steel / Autumn
      Hands Banded Gauntlets Ebony / Tarnished Steel / Autumn
      Legs Ascalonian Protector Legguards Ebony / Tarnished Steel / Autumn
      Feet Ascalonian Protector Greaves Ebony / Tarnished Steel / Autumn
      Weapon Aureate Highlander Greatsword
      Off Hand Sword of Energy / Kryta's Embrace

      Where to Obtain:

      • Head –
      • Shoulders –
      • Chest –
      • Hands –
      • Legs –
      • Feet –
      • Back –
      • Weapon –
      • Off Hand –