• Character: Even Butter of Tarnished Coast
  • Submitted by: ETBlue.1963
    • A butter-style boy which could be a perfect character in girl comics.


      Slot Item Name Dyes Used
      Head Nil N/A
      Shoulders Nil N/A
      Chest Pit Fighter Chestguard Celestial, Abyss, Abyss
      Hands Nil N/A
      Legs Vigil's Honer Tassets Abyss, Celestial, Abyss
      Feet Pit Fighter Greaves Celestial, Abyss, Celestial
      Back Nil
      Weapon Glittering Longbow
      Off Hand N/A

      Where to Obtain:

      • Head – N/A
      • Shoulders – N/A
      • Chest – Karma Merchant
      • Hands – N/A
      • Legs – Vigil Headquater
      • Feet – Karma Merchant
      • Back – N/A
      • Weapon – Black Lion Tickets
      • Off Hand – N/A