Gaia Aether – Blackgate

    • Character: Gaia Aether of Blackgate
    • Submitted by: Gaia


SlotItem NameDyes Used
HeadEagle HounskullMidnight Gold, Iron, Gold Fusion
ShouldersIllustrious PauldronsMidnight Gold, Iron, Burgundy
ChestEagle MailMidnight Gold, Burgundy
HandsCouncil Guard GauntletsMidnight Gold, Midnight Fire
LegsStag ChaussesMidnight Gold, Midnight Sky, Burgundy
FeetTriumphant WargreavesMidnight Fire, Cocoa, Blood
BackLightbringer’s Pack
Off HandBloodstone Torch

Where to Obtain:

      • Head – Norn Cultural Armor Vendor
      • Shoulders – Ascended Armor Recipe
      • Chest – Norn Cultural Armor Vendor
      • Hands – Caudecus’s Manor Dungeon Vendor
      • Legs – Norn Cultural Armor Vendor
      • Feet – WvW Triumphant Armor Reward Track
      • Back – Lightbringer’s Achievement
      • Weapon – Mystic Forge Recipe
      • Off Hand – Trading Post (Gems)

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