Glittergroin – Henge of Denravi

  • Character: Glittergroin of Henge of Denravi
  • Submitted by: GlitterGroin

A shiny Daredevil cabbage commander adorned with a cacophony of vibrant colors. He bounces, Vaults, and Bounds around so much you might get dizzy watching him.

SlotItem NameDyes Used
HeadEnchanted Winter AntlersCelestial Blue, Electro Pink
ShouldersExalted ShouldersCelestial Blue, Electro Pink, Electro Pink
ChestBlossoming Mist Shard ChestguardPermafrost, Celestial Blue, Electro Pink, Rose Breeze
HandsSearing Chain GlovesCelestial Blue, Shadow Abyss, Electro Pink
LegsMistforged Glorious Hero’s LegguardsCelestial Blue, Permafrost, Electro Pink, Electro Pink
FeetMarauder BootsPermafrost, Celestial Blue
BackWild Magic Backpack
Off HandThe Dreamer

Where to Obtain:

      • Head – Gem Store
      • Shoulders – Black Lion Chest or Statuettes
      • Chest – Dragonfall (Living World Season 4, Chapter 6: War Eternal)
      • Hands – Black Lion Chests or Statuettes
      • Legs – PvP Rank 100 (PvP Armor Vendor)
      • Feet – PvP Reward Track (Legacy Armor Box)
      • Back – Black Lion Chests or Statuettes
      • Weapon – Legendary Crafting
      • Off Hand – Legendary Crafting