Grimvald The Mad


Character – Grimvald The Mad – Necromancer

Submitted by – Action Sloth




Slot Item Name Dyes Used
Head Phantom’s Hood Swampblack, Tarnished Silver
Shoulders Sheepskin Mantle Caustic, Swampblack
Chest Trickster’s Vest Tarnished Silver, Swampblack, Caustic
Hands Wrappings of the Lich Lemon Tint, Grape Leaf, Mudmetal
Legs Inquest Breeches White Gold, Swampblack, Caustic
Feet Masquerade Boots Caustic, Midnight Yew
Back Mad Memoires: Complete Edition
Off Hand

Where to Obtain:

Head – Gem Store

Shoulders – Norn T1 Light Cultural Armor

Chest – Gem Store?

Hands – Ruins of Orr Dungeon Armor

Legs – Cathredral of Eternity Dungeon Armor

Feet – Craft/Trading Post

Back – First Halloween Event

Weapon –

Off Hand –


This is the second look I made for my necro. My first look was a dark and dank, almost swamp monster-esque sort of look so I wanted a radical departure from that with my second set. I decided to highlight the color white, to represent life, the other aspect of being a necromancer. I also had trouble finding a pair of leggings that didn’t give me the appearance of ridiculously wide hips. Overall I am fairly happy with the look, though I would prefer to use the previous tier of mad kings memoires for the back, but unfortunately it isn’t unlocked in my wardrobe. It also looks pretty good with the Witch’s Hat or Grenth’s Hood, or without a headpiece at all.