Character – Ignitic – Engineer

Submitted by – Richard




Slot Item Name Dyes Used
Head Magitech Midnight Sky (metal), Royal Purple (glow on Magitech, matches Sylvari glow), Cobolt (base color on Magitech), and Enameled Solitude (embroidery on Magitech)
Shoulders Magitech
Chest Magitech
Hands Magitech
Legs Magitech
Feet Magitech
Weapon Pact Fleet Rifle
Off Hand

Where to Obtain:

Head – Gem Store

Shoulders – Gem Store

Chest – Gem Store

Hands – Gem Store

Legs – Gem Store

Feet – Gem Store

Back – Gem Store

Weapon – Black Lion Weapons Merchant

Off Hand –

Sooo, in light of all the Mordremoth theme colors, and the pact fleet weapons/Glory of Tyria colors being pretty similar, this is my attempt to reconcile a lore themed Sylvari still loyal to the Pact, as an engineer attempting to follow philanthropically in Ceara’s enigmatic footsteps.