John Cogbeard – Jade Quarry

  • Character: John Cogbeard of Jade Quarry
  • Submitted by: Brandon Anderson
    • The goal of this look is to achieve a look similar to that of a god. In order to maximize the look it is best to use the following toys-gizmos: Mystic Chromatic Ooze, Selfless Potion and the Electromagnetic Ascender. The Mystic Chromatic Ooze can be obtained from part 3 of the Colossus Precursor Crafting achievements. The Selfless Potion could be obtained from partaking in the destruction of Lions Arch in Living Story or doing the more-recent HoT Release Event. The Electromagnetic Ascender can be bought from the gemstore. Hope you guys enjoy the look and have a nice day! 😀


      Slot Item Name Dyes Used
      Head Xera's Mask Violet Tint , Celestial Dye
      Shoulders Stalwart Shoulders Celestial, Violet Tint, Violet Tint
      Chest Ornate Guild Jerkin Violet Tint, Celestial, Violet Tint
      Hands Chaos Gloves Blacklight Dye
      Legs Accursed Leggings Violet Tint, Celestial, White Gold
      Feet Zodiac Medium Boots Violet Tint, Violet Tint
      Back Ad Infinitum
      Weapon H.O.P.E
      Off Hand Quip

      Where to Obtain:

      • Head – Gemstore
      • Shoulders – WvW Legacy Reward Track Chest Reward
      • Chest – Guild Hall Armor Recipe Vendor, Crafted by Leatherworking
      • Hands – Gemstore
      • Legs – Arah Explorable Dungeon Vendor
      • Feet – Gemstore
      • Back – Fractals of the Mist Achievements and Crafting.
      • Weapon – Legendary Crafting Achievements and Huntsman
      • Off Hand – Legendary Crafting Achievements and Huntsman