• Character: Karma Rae of Sorrow’s Furnace
  • Submitted by: Sunnymissrae
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      Slot Item Name Dyes Used
      Head Nightmare Court Faceguard Sapphire, Algae
      Shoulders n/a
      Chest Bladed Jerkin Sapphire, Algae, Enameled Legacy
      Hands Toxic Armguard Sapphire, Algae
      Legs Bladed Leggings Sapphire, Algae, Enameled Legacy
      Feet First Born Boots Sapphire, Algae
      Back Toxic Spore
      Weapon Razor of the Sunless
      Off Hand Razor of the Sunless

      Where to Obtain:

      • Head – TA Dungeon armor
      • Shoulders –
      • Chest – Heart Of Thorns
      • Hands – Gem Store
      • Legs – Heart Of Thorns
      • Feet – T3 Sylvari Cultural
      • Back – Trading Post
      • Weapon – Tequatl's Hoard
      • Off Hand – Tequatl's Hoard