Keyosu – Sorrow’s Furnace


Character – Keyosu – Guardian

Submitted by – Keyosu




Slot Item Name Dyes Used
Head Wreath of Coooperation Celestial/Golden Lion
Shoulders Phalanx Shoulders Cekestial/Golden Lion
Chest Primeval Warplate Celestial/Golden Lion
Hands Phalanx Gauntlets Celestial/Golden Lion
Legs Carapace Tassets Celestial/Golden Lion
Feet Phalanx Warboots Celestial/Golden Lion
Back White Feather Wings
Weapon Sunrise
Off Hand The Juggernaut

Where to Obtain:

  • Head – Gem Store
  • Shoulders – Gem store
  • Chest – Gem store
  • Hands – Gem store</li
  • Legs – Season 2 Living Story
  • Feet – Gem Store
  • Back – Gemstore
  • Weapon – Crafted
  • Off Hand – Crafted


Tried to make the perfect Angelic Warrior. I like to imagine he’s Captain/Commander of the Archangels.