• Character: Kimmie Wants Gold of Fort Aspenwood
  • Submitted by: kimmieroseflower.2813
    • Slot Item Name Dyes Used
      Head Wide Rim Glasses Afternoon
      Shoulders Mistward Pauldrons Dusty Grape
      Chest Mistward Plate Dusty Grape, Iron, Nightsong
      Hands Foefire Wraps Dusty Grape, Ebony, Midnight Sky, Royal Purple
      Legs Mistward Leggings Dusty Grape, Iron, Royal Purple
      Feet Mistward Warboots Dusty Grape
      Back N/A
      Weapon Shiverstone, Horologicus
      Off Hand Caladbolg Orchida

      Where to Obtain:

      • Head – Gem Store
      • Shoulders – Mistward Specialisation Collection
      • Chest – Mistward Specialisation Collection
      • Hands – Gem Store
      • Legs – Mistward Specialisation Collection
      • Feet – Mistward Specialisation Collection
      • Back – N/A
      • Weapon – Trading Post, Specialisation Collection respectively
      • Off Hand – Complete the The Sword Regrown instance of the Caladbolg Regrown story missions.