Lorik Palaven cosplaying as Garrus Vakarian


Character – Lorik Palaven cosplaying as Garrus Vakarian – Thief

Submitted by – Crashervania




Slot Item Name Dyes Used
Head Nightmare Court Faceguard Blueberry, Tea Jeans, Tea Jeans
Shoulders Forgemen Shoulders Ebony, Blue Shade, Ebony
Chest Magitech Jerkin Blue Shade, Ebony, Blue Shade, Winter Frost
Hands Nika’s Gloves Ebony, Blue Shade
Legs Studded Pants Ebony, Ebony , Ebony
Feet Priory’s Historical Boots Ebony, Blue Shade, Ebony
Back [Hidden]
Weapon Pact Handgun
Off Hand Pact Handgun

Where to Obtain:

Head – Twilight Arbor

Shoulders – Sorrows Embrace

Chest – Gem Store

Hands – Trading Post

Legs – Trading Post

Feet – Durmand Priory

Back – Citadel Security

Weapon – Story / Trading Post

Off Hand – Story / Trading Post


Garrus Vakarian from Mass Effect, comes to the world of Guild Wars 2!

Image 1: Garrus showing off his pistol.
Image 2: Garrus showing off his armor.
Image 3: Garrus showing off his aim and flexibility.
Image 4: Garrus showing off his armor.
Image 5: Garrus posing once again.
Image 6: Garrus making calibrations to Rata Sum for his trip back.
Image 7: Garrus leaves through Moto’s machine back to the Mass Effect Universe!

Decided to make this character after realizing that Sylvari can look like Turians from Mass Effect.