Lucid Kníght – Jade Quarry


Character – Lucid Kníght – Thief

Submitted by – Kelvin




Slot Item Name Dyes Used
Head Marauder Helm Shadow Abyss
Shoulders Shoulder Scarf Abyss
Chest Strider’s Tunic Shadow Abyss/Celestial
Hands Medium Carapace Gloves Celestial/Shadow Abyss
Legs Rubicon Leggings Shadow Abyss/ Celestial/ Abyss
Feet Whisper’s Secret Boots Shadow Abyss/Celestial
Back Black Feather Wings
Weapon Incinerator
Off Hand Terracota Revolver

Where to Obtain:

  • Head –
  • Shoulders –
  • Chest –
  • Hands – Silverwastes</li
  • Legs –
  • Feet – Chantry of Secrets (Order of Whispers Storyline)
  • Back – Limited Edition on Gem Store
  • Weapon – Legendary Dagger
  • Off Hand – Ascended Crafted


My Main character in GW2.
Lv 80 Thief (Dagger/Pistol).