Lumi Alcha


Character – Lumi Alcha – Elementist

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Slot Item Name Dyes Used
Head Witch’s Hat (Halloween) Chocolate, Oxblood, Silt
Shoulders Mantle of the Lich Black (2x), Chocolate, Red
Chest Vestments of the Lich Black, Chocolate, Red
Hands Fused Gauntlets Black, Chocolate, Red
Legs Flame Legion Pants Chocolate, Red, Black
Feet Herritage Shoes Chocolate, Black (2x)
Back Hidden
Weapon Emberglow
Off Hand Wolfborn Dagger

Where to Obtain:

  • Head – Halloween
  • Shoulders – Arrah Tokens
  • Chest – Arrah Tokens
  • Hands – Flame and Frost Narrative (2013)</li
  • Legs – Citadel of Flame Tokens
  • Feet – Guild Wars 1: Hall of Heroes
  • Back – Hidden
  • Weapon – Trading Post / Random Drop
  • Off Hand – Norn T3 Dagger