Character – Maleficent – Mesmer

Submitted by – Wonderburger




Slot Item Name Dyes Used
Head Nightmare Court Regalia Abyss, Midnight Violet
Shoulders Conjurer Mantle Abyss
Chest Vestments of the Lich Abyss, Midnight
Hands Stately Gloves Abyss, Black
Legs Trapping of the Lich Abyss, Midnight Violet
Feet Illustrious Footwear Abyss, Black
Back Wings of the Sunless
Weapon The Crossing
Off Hand

Where to Obtain:

Head – Twilight Arbor

Shoulders –

Chest – Arah

Hands –

Legs – Arah

Feet – Crafted

Back – Tequatl

Weapon – Crafted

Off Hand –


For this year’s Halloween I decided to dress my main character up as Maleficent. After studying multiple images and incarnations of the evil queen, this became the outfit that matched her look the best. Maleficent’s staff is frequently pictured with a glowing green orb on top, so I chose The Crossing to match Maleficent’s glowing green staff. At the same time I gave the outfit a sinister weapon to keep the spirit of Halloween.
I’ll always associate Maleficent with dragons, because in the end, she’s a dragon herself. This is why I chose Tequatl’s wings as backpiece, to complete my representation of her.
I hope you like it!