Mc Donald Bgsggk


Character – Mc Donald Bgsggk – Elementist

Submitted by – Tommy Tan




Slot Item Name Dyes Used
Head Harlequin’s Mask white
Shoulders nil nil
Chest Aristocrat’s armor red , white , Illumination
Hands Phoenix Gloves red , white
Legs Ascalonian Performer Pants red , white , Illumination
Feet Forgeman Shoes red , white
Back Chaos of Lyssa
Weapon Meteorlogicus
Off Hand The Minstrel

Where to Obtain:

Head –

Shoulders – nil

Chest –

Hands –

Legs –

Feet –

Back –

Weapon –

Off Hand –


My ele cosplay as ronald mcdonald, I’m born in Henge of Denravi …
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