Meppsi – Ehmry Bay


Character – Meppsi – Elementist

Submitted by – Oodles O Oodles




Slot Item Name Dyes Used
Head Savant Helm Hot Pink, Electro Pink, Redemption
Shoulders Shoulder Scarf Hot Pink, Electro Pink
Chest Vigil’s Honor Vest Electro Pink, Redemption
Hands Inquest Wraps Redeption, Hot Pink
Legs Savant Legs Hot Pink, Electro Pink, Redemption
Feet Seer Boots Hot Pink, Redemption
Back Replica Job-O-Tron Backpack
Weapon Lionguard Staff
Off Hand

Where to Obtain:

  • Head – Asura T3 Cultural Armor
  • Shoulders – Gem Store
  • Chest – Vigil Personal Story Quest
  • Hands – Dungeons or PVP Reward Track</li
  • Legs – Asura T3 Cultural Armor
  • Feet – Trading Post or Crafting
  • Back – Gem Store
  • Weapon – Lionguard Cultural T1 Weapon
  • Off Hand –


Just my Ele’s new outfit, inspired (or rather I had to make it) when a friend gave me Electro Pink.