Orian Valkyrie – Vabbi

    • Character: Orian Valkyrie of Vabbi
    • Submitted by: Gaia

Wanderer’s Leystone Mantle can be replaced with Ornate Guild Mantle.


Slot Item Name Dyes Used
Head Wanderer’s Leystone Cowl Gold Fusion
Shoulders Wanderer’s Leystone Mantle Gold Fusion
Chest Embroidered Coat Eerie Purple, Gold Fusion
Hands Triumphant Armguards Eerie Purple, Gold Fusion
Legs Aurora Leggings Eerie Purple, Maroon, Gold Fusion
Feet Triumphant Footgear Gold
Back Chaos of Lyssa
Weapon Sunrise
Off Hand N/A

Where to Obtain:

      • Head – Dragonstand Vendor
      • Shoulders – Dragonstand Vendor
      • Chest – Trading Post
      • Hands – WvW Triumphant Armor Reward Track
      • Legs – Gates of Arah Karma Vendor
      • Feet – WvW Triumphant Armor Reward Track
      • Back – Recipe: Chaos of Lyssa (Trading Post)
      • Weapon – Legendary Crafting
      • Off Hand – N/A

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