Orian Weaver – Blackgate

    • Character: Orian Weaver of Blackgate
    • Submitted by: Gaia

Slot Item Name Dyes Used
Head Shattered Bloodstone Circlet Gold, Regal
Shoulders Perfected Envoy Mantle Gold Fusion, Charcoal
Chest Phoenix Vest Gold, Midnight Sky, White Gold, Icing
Hands Triumphant Armguards Old Jeans, Gold
Legs Aurora Leggins Midnight Blue, Gold, Midnight Sky
Feet Triumphant Footgear Midnight Blue
Back Ad Infinitum
Weapon The Shinning Blade
Off Hand Assaulter’s Sparking Dagger

Where to Obtain:

      • Head – Blacklion Trading Post (Gems)
      • Shoulders – Legendary Armor Crafting
      • Chest – Blacklion Trading Post (Gems)
      • Hands – Triumphant Armor WvW Track
      • Legs – Gates of Arah Karma Vendor
      • Feet – Triumphant Armor WvW Track
      • Back – Legendary Back Piece Crafting
      • Weapon – Legendary Weapon Crafting
      • Off Hand – Vale Guardian Raid Wing 1

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