Roefire Steelblade


Character – Roefire Steelblade – Warrior

Submitted by – cmdragon




Slot Item Name Dyes Used
Head Dreadnought Visor Black, Antique Bronze
Shoulders Burden of Koda Black, Evening Red, Antique Bronze
Chest Armageddon Breastplate Black, Antique Bronze
Hands Plated Guantlets Antique Bronze, black, Midnight Sky
Legs Body of Koda Antique Bronze, Midnight Sky, Gunmetal
Feet Plated Greaves Antique Bronze, Black, Midnight Sky
Weapon Azure Railgun
Off Hand

Where to Obtain:

Head – Cultural tier 3 for Charr

Shoulders – Honour of the Waves dungeon.

Chest – Karma merchant

Hands – Armor Master in World vs World.

Legs – Honour of Waves dungeon.

Feet – Armor Master in World vs World.

Back –

Weapon – Trading Post, random drop.

Off Hand –


I wanted to go for a little more regal charr warrior vibe with the whole gold and black scheme, enjoy!

Also not sure about the chest piece, will probably change it down the road.

Also no tail clipping, yay!