Ronaan Hood


Character – Ronaan Hood – Ranger

Submitted by – Ross Putnam




Slot Item Name Dyes Used
Head Visage of Koda Shadow Turquoise
Shoulders Scarlet’s Spaulders Wrath/Winter Ice/Shadow Turquoise
Chest Rascal Coat Wrath/Deep Glacial Teal/Shadow Turquoise
Hands Scarlet’s Grasp Wrath/Winter Ice/Shadow Turquoise
Legs Marauder Pants Wrath/Deep Glacial Teal/Shadow Turquoise
Feet Evergreen Boots Deep Glacial Teal/Shadow Turquoise
Back Rox’s Quiver
Weapon Tormented Bow/Sclerite Sword
Off Hand

Where to Obtain:

  • Head – PvP HotW reward track/Honor of the Waves Dungeon
  • Shoulders – Gem Store
  • Chest – Trading Post
  • Hands – Gem Store</li
  • Legs – Trading Post
  • Feet – The Grove – Sylvari Race Armour
  • Back – Gem Store
  • Weapon – Black Lion Chest/Trading Post
  • Off Hand –


Removed back piece so that you can see the outfit properly.