Saari Saba – Piken Square

    • Character: Saari Saba of Piken Square
    • Submitted by: Dasa

I wanted my little necro to look as it should – scary, grimm and deadly 😀
But Asura can’t look like that (only when she shows teeth lel) and acsended gear makes her even more cute, so I just took the less “decorated” pieces I could find.


Slot Item Name Dyes Used
Head Inventor’s Sunglasses Leprechaun
Shoulders Wurmslayer’s Epaulets Leprechaun / Black
Chest Cabalist Coat Leprechaun / Black
Hands Primitive Handwraps Black
Legs Country Pants Black
Feet Yassith’s Footwear Black
Back Mawdrey
Weapon Nevermore
Off Hand

Where to Obtain:

      • Head – BLTp
      • Shoulders – TT Loot
      • Chest – Low level loot
      • Hands – Low level loot
      • Legs – Low level loot
      • Feet – Crafted
      • Back – Crafted
      • Weapon – Crafted
      • Off Hand –