Sanivi – Drakkar Lake


Character – Sanivi – Elementist

Submitted by – MidnightX.6294




Slot Item Name Dyes Used
Head Hidden/none Hidden/none
Shoulders Winter’s Presence can’t dye this
Chest Phoenix Vest electro blue [&AgHXBgEA], frost breeze [&AgHFUAAA], celestial [&AgGHTwAA]
Hands Hidden/none Hidden/none
Legs Conjurer Pants electro blue [&AgHXBgEA], frost breeze [&AgHFUAAA], hydrangea [&AgHMUAAA]
Feet Luminescent Shoes fog [&AgHCUAAA]
Back Glittering Wings Backpack
Weapon Corrupted Shard
Off Hand none

Where to Obtain:

  • Head – /
  • Shoulders – Wintersday Achivement 2015 (10k drinks)
  • Chest – “Phoenix Light Armor” from Gemshop
  • Hands – /
  • Legs – worlddrop, trading post, reward-chest
  • Feet – Luminescent Footwear Basic Collections achievement
  • Back – Gemshop
  • Weapon – Recipe from Rojan the Penitent in Frostgorge Sound, or bought from trading post
  • Off Hand – /


Elsa from Disney’s Frozen 🙂