Security Drone


Character – Security Drone – Thief

Submitted by – Glitch




SlotItem NameDyes Used
ChestGlorious BrigandineSky/Amenity
HandsBuccaneer GlovesSky
LegsInquest LeggingsSky
FeetMagitech BootsSky
BackMysterious Vine
WeaponKing Toad’s Pistol
Off HandN/A

Where to Obtain:

Head –

Shoulders –

Chest – Glorious PVP reward trck

Hands – Karma vendors

Legs – Crucible of Eternity

Feet – Gem Store

Back – Living Story S2

Weapon – Super Adventure Box

Off Hand –


Zero Suit Samus!
Isn’t it nice to have medium chest armor that isn’t some variation of a trench coat?

Everyone’s favourite intergalactic bounty-hunter has crash landed on Tyria.
Data scans indicate it is a hostile planet inhabited by various humanoid lifeforms and vicious alien creatures. Missile upgrades have been detected in the region known as “Black Citadel”.
Local residents have mentioned large dragon-like creatures present on this planet. Could Ridley be here?

(please excuse the low-res screenshots. I can’t figure out how to do full quality, high-res captures on mac.)