Shelynea Sal Vyna – Fort Aspenwood


Character – Shelynea Sal Vyna – Mesmer

Submitted by – Ananda




Slot Item Name Dyes Used
Head Illustrous Masque, Wreath of Cooperation Violite, Ebony, Matte
Shoulders Phoenix Mantle Violite, Ebony, Cinders
Chest Bladed Vestments Cinders, Violite, Cinders
Hands Arms of Koda White, Matte, Violite
Legs Profane Pants Abyss, Nightsong, Ancient Silver
Feet Illustrous Footwear Tarnished Steel, Cinders
Back Chaos Of Lyssa
Weapon Eternity
Off Hand Kasmeer’s Staff

Where to Obtain:

  • Head – Tailor Crafted, Gemstore
  • Shoulders – Gemstore
  • Chest – Verdant Brink Night Tier 4 drop
  • Hands – Kodan Dungeon
  • Legs – Gemstore
  • Feet – Tailor Craft
  • Back –
  • Weapon –
  • Off Hand –


Hi all!,

Here’s my Mesmerizing Mesmer ^^