Steve Odinson – Ehmry Bay


Character – Steve Odinson – Guardian

Submitted by – firestorm.5712




SlotItem NameDyes Used
HeadDaydreamer’s FineryMatte, Pastel Honey
ShouldersDaydreamer’s FineryWrath
ChestDaydreamer’s FineryAfternoon, Matte, Pastel Honey
HandsDaydreamer’s FineryWrath
LegsDaydreamer’s FineryAfternoon, Matte
FeetDaydreamer’s FineryAfternoon, Matte
WeaponAvenger’s Hammer
Off Hand

Where to Obtain:

  • Head –
  • Shoulders –
  • Chest –
  • Hands – </li
  • Legs –
  • Feet –
  • Back –
  • Weapon –
  • Off Hand –


Steve Odinson aka Captain Thormerica, a mashup of Steve Rogers (Captain America) and Thor from Marvel comics. To represent Cap, I chose Guardian with a defensive focus, e.g. Avenger’s Shield ability, and the wolf spirit animal since he’s all about fighting as a team. For Thor, I went with the norn Norseman look and gave him a hammer as his main weapon.

I used the Daydreamer’s Finery outfit skin with custom dyes (clockwise from top left): Afternoon, Wrath, Matte, Pastel Honey.