Character – Synërgy – Necromancer

Submitted by – Raeosaurusrex




Slot Item Name Dyes Used
Head Wreath of Cooperation Turquoise and Enameled Legacy
Shoulders Winged Mantle Midnight Rose and Enameled Legacy
Chest Winged Tunic Dapple and Enameled Legacy
Hands Aurora Gloves Dapple
Legs Carapace Armor Enameled Legacy, Mischief, and Midnight Rose
Feet Aurora Shoes Enameled Legacy and Midnight Rose
Back Fervid Censer
Weapon Mordrem Staff
Off Hand

Where to Obtain:

Head – BLTC

Shoulders – Tailor

Chest – Tailor

Hands – Orr Temple(s)

Legs – Silverwaste

Feet – Orr Temple(s)

Back – Laurel Merchant

Weapon – Weapons Specialist

Off Hand –

Founding member of the Sinister Salad Squad.