Technomancer V – Henge of Denravi

  • Character: Technomancer V of Henge of Denravi
  • Submitted by: Chysotile
    • This is my PvE main. I drew my inspiration from various fish-folk, mermaids and a little bit of Illithids (DnD). After a lot of drafting and a little luck I was actually quite please with the look. I like to consider her an aquatic species which is why she wears her breathing apparatus on the surface only and only takes it off underwater.


      Slot Item Name Dyes Used
      Head Air-Filtration-Device Midnight Olive, Pride, Spring Dew
      Shoulders Marauder Shoulderguards Ebony, Grapsicle
      Chest Inquest Guise Ebony, Teal Jeans, Pride
      Hands Leather Gloves Pride, Ebony
      Legs Rubicon Leggings Ebony, Pride, Teal Jeans
      Feet Rogue Boots Ebony, Pride
      Weapon Pact Handgun
      Off Hand Tormentor Pistol

      Where to Obtain:

      • Head – Moderately expensive on TP, finite supply
      • Shoulders – Orr missions in personal story with medium armored character (Hunters and Prey, Marching Orders, or Stealing Light)
      • Chest – 330 SoE dungeon tokens or SoE PvP/WvW reward track
      • Hands – Craftable. Easily obtained with crafting or TP.
      • Legs – Karma merchants after temple events in Orr for 42,000 karma
      • Feet – Practically everywhere, you should have these by now :p
      • Back –
      • Weapon – Epilogue of personal story. Also available on TP for moderate gold..
      • Off Hand – Tormentor skin set, very expensive on the TP, limited supply.