The Thing of the Deep – Aurora Glade

  • Character: The Thing of the Deep of Aurora Glade
  • Submitted by: Durman Kargeroth
    • Found this cool Karka helm, so I used it as base for my creation. I also tried different karka armor and I can say there's not much of it for light classes (or others (didn't check)). So I found these tentacles and BOOM. A beautiful butterfly from the deapths of sorrow. Initial based on headcrab as Karka would climb on innocent bystanding Sylvari and *bam* corrupt the Sylvaro making her into it's vessel.

      Slot Item Name Dyes Used
      Head Karka Helm NONE
      Shoulders Winged Mantle Wine Shade, Midnight Yew
      Chest Nightmare Court Robes Midnight Yew, Tea Jeans, Wine Shade
      Hands Dry Bone Gloves Scarlet, Ceylon, Midnight Yew
      Legs Snapdragon Leggings Midnight Yew, Tea Jeans, Wine Shade
      Feet Snapdragon Boots Midnight Yew, Tea Jeans, Wine Shade
      Back Sclerite Karka Shell
      Off Hand

      Where to Obtain:

      • Head – Bought form TP
      • Shoulders – crafted by Tailors
      • Chest – from Twilight Arbor
      • Hands – bought for Honor, Karma or crafted
      • Legs – cultural armor T1
      • Feet – cultural armor T1
      • Back – laurel merchant or achievement Southsun Stalwart
      • Weapon –
      • Off Hand –