Tony Stark


Character – Tony Stark – Elementist

Submitted by – Elchanan




Slot Item Name Dyes Used
Head Inventor’s Sunglassses Midnight Sky
Shoulders N/A
Chest Vigil’s Honor Vest Enameled Sacrifice; Sand
Hands Carapace Gloves Enameled Sacrifice; Sand
Legs Ascalonian Performer Pants Oxblood; Enameled Sacrifice; Sand
Feet Carapace Shoes Enameled Sacrifice; Sand; Abyss
Back N/A
Weapon Bifrost
Off Hand N/A

Where to Obtain:

  • Head –
  • Shoulders –
  • Chest –
  • Hands – </li
  • Legs –
  • Feet –
  • Back –
  • Weapon –
  • Off Hand –


With a number of my characters I have created them with a crossover lore… because I’m that nerdy. So Tony Stark was experimenting with an Asgardian relic (the staff) in efforts to harness the power of the Bifrost into a wieldable object. While taking precautions (being partially suited up as you can see) he successfully harnessed this power but initially was unable to control it. The result was that he was transported to an alternate world (Tyria) where he has gained some level of competence in the use of the Bifrost, but has not been able to send himself back to earth. So in the meantime, he’ll just have to save this world and hit on all those swooning Norn women. 🙂