Vabbian Windspeaker: Sandwhisper


Character – Vabbian Windspeaker: Sandwhisper – Elementist

Submitted by – Barky




Slot Item Name Dyes Used
Head Glorious Crown Celestial, Redemption
Shoulders Shoulder Scarf Illumination
Chest Soul of Koda Enameled Emblaze, Illumination
Hands Fused Light Gauntlets Midnight Red
Legs Way of Koda Enameled Emblaze, Illumination, Oxblood
Feet Flame Legion Shoes Illumination
Back Wind Catcher
Weapon Tempest Staff
Off Hand

Where to Obtain:

Head – Pvp track reward

Shoulders – Gem store

Chest – Dungeon Vendor Honor of the Waves

Hands – Laurel Merchant

Legs – Dungeon Vendor Honor of the Waves

Feet – Dungeon vendor Citadel of Flame

Back – Trading Post

Weapon – Blacklion chest, trading post

Off Hand –


The ancient whispers of sands will reveal all…