Vale Moonshadow


Character – Vale Moonshadow – Thief

Submitted by – Vale Moonshadow




SlotItem NameDyes Used
HeadSubterfuge HoodAbyss, Lifesblood, Gold
ShouldersAssassin’s ShoulderpadsEnameled Legacy, Midnight Fire, Abyss, Lifesblood
ChestIllustirous GuiseAbyss, Midnight Fire, Enameled Legacy, Lifesblood
HandsIllustrious GripsAbyss, Midnight Fire
LegsViper’s LeggingsAbyss, Enameled Legacy, Lifesblood
FeetWhisper’s BootsAbyss, Lifesblood, Enameled Legacy
BackQuiver Of Swift Flight
WeaponCrimson Antique Razor
Off HandWhisper’s Secret Pistol

Where to Obtain:

Head – starter

Shoulders – human t3

Chest – Ascended leatherworking

Hands – Ascended Leatherworking

Legs – Gemstore

Feet – Order Of Whispers

Back –

Weapon – Weaponsmithing

Off Hand – Order of Whispers

Master of Whispers combat thief.