• Character: Vesuvia Greymoon of Borliss Pass
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    • Vesuvia-LVesuvia-RVesuvia-B

      Slot Item Name Dyes Used
      Head Bloodstone Visage (Optional) N/A
      Shoulders Devout Mantle Heirloom, Daffodil
      Chest Cabalist Coat Wrath, Cinnamon, Gold
      Hands Winged Gloves Wrath, Lime, Gold Fusion
      Legs Ornate Guild Pants Wrath, Gold Fusion, Gold
      Feet Triumphant Footgear Midnight Fire
      Back Shadow of Grenth (Optional)
      Weapon Belinda's Greatsword (Optional)
      Off Hand

      Where to Obtain:

      • Head – Crazed Bloodstone Achievement
      • Shoulders – WvW Armor Vendor
      • Chest – Dungeon Vendor
      • Hands – Trading Post
      • Legs – Guild Ornate Recipe (Crafted)
      • Feet – WvW Triumphant Armor Reward Track
      • Back – Trading Post (Recipe)
      • Weapon – Trading Post (Gems)
      • Off Hand –