Yago Medava


Character – Yago Medava – Elementist

Submitted by – Matthew Derbyshire


gw186gw188gw191The Colour of Magic
Sir David Jason as Rincewind
©RHI/Bill Kaye


Slot Item Name Dyes Used
Head Witchs Hat Red, Pumpkin pie, Redemption
Shoulders N/A N/A
Chest Heritage Greatcoat Red, Burgundy, Redemption
Hands N/A N/A
Legs Heritage Pants Red, Burgundy, Redemption
Feet Aristocrats shoes Umber, Redemption
Back N/A
Weapon Soft wood staff
Off Hand N/A

Where to Obtain:

Head – Haloweeen event

Shoulders – N/A

Chest – Hall of Monuments reward

Hands – N/A

Legs – Hall of Monuments reward

Feet – Human armor merchant

Back – N/A

Weapon – BLT

Off Hand – N/A


Rincewind the Wizzard from the Discworld series of novels. A generally incompetent wizard who attended university in the city of Ankh-Morpork who would far rather have his life lived out in peace but sadly is followed by a constant stream of things happening to him and his luggage (showed here by a mini Dolyak). I’ve based my version of him on the TV film adaptation of the colour of magic and the light fantastic played by Sir David Jason.